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Death note  

death note is the beginning to be an anime fan.its two ep is enough to watch the whole anime.its story is too good .its animetion and music next level.unexpected anime story.This anime will make you an anime made me a anime fan.

                       Death Note

About Death Note

My anime list rating       8.6/10
 Imdp rating                             9/10  
Death Note writer        Tsugumi Ohba

illustrated by.                 Takeshi Obata

Studio.                                     madhouse
Country                                    japan
Episode                                      37
Total session                              1
Published                                2006 
Anime is                                serious

Let talk about death note anime rating my anime list 8.6/10 and imbd rating 9/10 . Death Note writer Tsugumi Ohba illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Studio madhouse directed by Tetsuro Arak.Genres:- Horror, Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy, Thriller anime.anime related country Japan.death note anime session is 1 and episode 37.death note published year 2006.

     Death note summary

The story follow's Light Yagami a teenager genius boy  discovers a mysterious notebook  the Death Note which belonged to the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its page. 
        Death note rules is (page no :-1)
the human whose name is written during this note shall die.
This note won't get unless the author has the person' face within their mind once writing his/her name. Therefore, individuals sharing an equivalent name will not be affected.
If the reason behind death is written among fortyseconds of writing the person' name, it'll happen.
If the cause of death isn't specified, the person will merely die of a heart attack.
when writing the cause of death, details of the death ought to be written in the next half-dozen minutes and 40 seconds.

Death note rules (page no:-2 ) If the reason behind death is written among forty seconds of the topic' name, it'll happen. If the cause of death isn't specified, the subject will die of a heart attack. when writing the cause of death, the small print of death ought to be entered among future six minutes and forty seconds. If the time of death is fixed within 40 seconds when writing the reason behind death as a heart attack, the time of death are often manipulated and may get into impact within 40 seconds after writing the name. the conditions of death won't be realised Unless they're Physically potential for that human or might be moderately assumed to be meted out by that human. Since the restrictions applying to the conditions of a death are unknown to the Shinigami, Death Note homeowners should establish on their own.

       My experience 

my experience has been great. 1st and 2nd episode is unexpected . its anime is a master piece . but middle episodes is  fell long .but I am fan for last light laugh.his voice actor is so good work . my favorite character is ryuk because he is always focus own enjoyment. my second favorite character is L . which once happened to him at that time I am so sad feel.L is so intelligent . and his seating style is my favorite . and his last word my heart touched. Its really a masterpiece. Its my thought.
Actually Death Note is one of the best anime. In 2006 there was one season with 37 episodes. That's not what defines it. It also has an IMDB rating of 9/10 which says it all what a masterpiece it is. It shows the fight between two smart minded people. It is made for those people who really love these mind games. It's really amazing.

                About me

I am anime fan. And I tried review that anime. i recommend this anime. For All non anime fan . I known non anime fan think anime just cartoon . but you one time watch this anime you Change your thought.


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