Vinland saga

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Vinland saga 

 I saw Vinland saga on a friend's recommendation. And I liked it very much . In the beginning it was boring me but as I kept watching it I started liking it. That's when I saw all episodes. And since then I became a fan of it.


Vinland saga

Imdp rating :- 8.8/10  
 writer  :-    Makoto Yukimura
Myanimelist rating  :-   8.7      
Studio :-  Mappa
   adventure, action, drama
Country :- japan
Episode  :- 24
Total session  :- 1
Published :-  2019
Anime is  :- serious

Vinland saga imdp rating 8.8/10.naruto writer Makoto yukimura .
Vinland saga animated  Studio  mappa.
genre :- adventure, drama, action  . Country  japan. Episode 24  session  1. Published in  2019. Vinland saga in  serious.


This story begins with Thorfinn. Thorfinn is the son of Thors, living life as a rural farmer on the island of Iceland. He dreams of traveling far away, he lives a normal and peaceful life.

The Viking band, the Jomsvikings, seek out their former commander Thors in Iceland and persuade him to cooperate. Thor gathers a symbolic army of young men from the village and sets off for Europe.

The leader of the Jomsviking band has spoken to the Viking commander, Askeladd, to kill Thors. The youth left with Thor, unaware that the enemy was waiting for them. Thorfinn also sneaks aboard the ship.

Askeladd killed Thor. Thorfinn chases Askeladd. So that he can avenge his father's death.

Askeladd and his men find a band of undead Vikings. Thorfinn walks alongside them. Askeladd made a deal with the Danish army to conquer England for the booty. That night the British attacked them. Thorfinn enter the fight, defends himself and kills an English soldier for the first time. Thorfinn joins Askeladd s band. He becomes a ruthless warrior with his short sword, who wants Askeladd dead.
 He join askeladd. In the thought that one day he can become powerful so that he can avenge his father's death from askeladd. Thorfinn goes on fighting many battles.

My experience

my experience has been great.  its anime is a master piece . 
           There are a lot of fights in this anime but my favorite fights are thorfinn vs thorkell . These fight are my favorite in Vinland saga.
in this anime my favorite characters are thorkell ( who is always ready to fight ),  Thor( father of thorfinn), thorfinn, askeladd and prince.
Actually vinland saga is one of the best anime. This anime with 24 episodes made in 2019 Started it. Its IMDB rating is 8.8/10 which says it all how good it is.

About me

I  am anime fan. And I tried review that anime. i recommend this anime. For All non anime fan . I known non anime fan think anime just cartoon . but you one time watch anime you Change your thought.

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