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Chainsaw man

Chainsaw man is most hyped anime in 2022.chainsaw man is good anime but my expectation is high for this anime .chainsaw man not caught my expectation so I am regret but Its my fault. Anime is very good .his action is very good and unexpected story and moments.

About chainsaw man few think

My anime list rating       8.7/10
 Imdp rating                             8.7/10  
Chainsaw man writer  tatsuki fujimoto
Studio.                                     mappa
             Action,dark fantasy ,comedy
Country                                    japan
Episode                                      12
Total session                              1
Release date in                     October
Anime is                       Japan TV series

 if i had to give it a star I would give it 3.5 star out of 5 star. 
                               In anime one opening song  and 12 ending songs.chainsaw man anime animated by mappa .mappa is Japanese studio .in Japan anime is Japan television series.
           Crunchyroll is the primary distributor and promoter of Chainsaw Man, and the many  anime will be simulcast on this streaming platform.

               In anime summary

      Chainsaw Man                         
           ๐Ÿ‘‰story stared with Denji, a poor teen ager boy.Denji sell his own body part.  He is a small devil hunter.Denji dream of a good life with tasty food and a beautiful girls.
His only one friend named pochita. Pochita is small devil. One day Denji death pochita save denji life own sacrifice . denji granting him the ability to transform his body into chainsaw man .he meet beautiful character. She comend to denji like a dog.  Denji eventually joins the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government agency focused on fighting against devils whenever they become a threat to Japan. 
                                                        In chainsaw man in  anime very interesting favorite character is makima she is so beautiful girl in this anime .

About it

This is just review for fan .I am watch Japanese dub with english subtitle.I liked it anime in original language with my language  subtitle .
                                  I'll never forget this show. I am so excited for next session.

About me 

I am anime fan. And I tried review that anime. i recommend this anime. For All non anime fan . I known non anime fan think anime just cartoon . but you one time watch this anime you Change your thought.

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